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Start selling in a new country within 8 weeks
See the Nordic countries as one market
Optimise your conversion rate abroad
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We help web shops succeed abroad

We are hands-on e-commerce specialists working together with our customers, to help them succeed abroad. We help web shops with a wide range of tasks including translation, web shop localisation, customer service, online marketing and local business development.

When you setup a web shop in a foreign country, you will meet competitors in their own back yard. To succeed, you need to deliver a customer experience at least as good as the one they offer. In order to do so, you need to know the market as well as the language and the culture.


To succeed abroad you need to respect each phase in the process from idea to the project is fully executed. Web shops working with MakesYouLocal gets access to our local e-commerce expertise, both in the start-up phase as well as later on, where we help analyse and optimise the web shop.

Our goal is to reach at least the same conversion rate abroad, as the web shop has in its home market.

How to work with MakesYouLocal

If you already sell abroad and would like to have a second opinion on your web shop, performance or the competition we are always ready to share our first impression with you. Read about our Site review here or send us an e-mail using the contact form here. You can also call Max Riis Christensen directly on +45 3017 3950.

If you plan to start selling in a new country, we recommend to start with a Market Scan or a Market Entry Report. Click here to read more or contact us directly here.