A successful launch in a new country requires an understanding of the market you are going to compete in. This is where MakesYouLocal can help.

We can suggest a marketing plan and help with the implementation, as well as following up on results and continuously optimising your marketing efforts.

Growth Plan

After launching your shop, the real work begins. You are ready to accept customers in the shop, but since you are probably unknown or at least not as well known as you are in your home market, it requires a marketing investment to attract traffic. The goal of our growth plan is to increase your revenue to the next level. If your shop is newly operating in that country our growth plan goal will often be to reach a volume where the business is profitable, but this is also the right tool for profitable online shops with more ambitious goals.
This is how we prepare the growth plan:

  • We audit and analyse your current marketing efforts and analyse your competitors in the new market.
  • We host a meeting with you where the findings of our analysis are discussed and we discuss goals and budget.

Based on this you will receive a growth plan covering the following:

  • Recommendations for your shop terms (shipping costs, return and pricing).
  • Recommendations for your USPs and messaging.
  • A marketing plan with estimated budgets, recommended channels and expected results.
  • Tools and processes for setting goals and measuring results.

Online Marketing

When you start selling in new countries most of your traffic – and sometimes all of your traffic – comes through paid channels. Adwords is the main channel in the Nordic countries often followed by Facebook advertising, price comparison sites and affiliate marketing. We can help you put together a simple and efficient marketing set up focusing on the key channels that will give you a good start in the new market and drive relevant traffic to your shop. We will continuously evaluate the results and optimise your campaigns and channels to make the most of your budget.

Our marketing team has over 10 years of experience with marketing businesses and products online and has a deep knowledge of the different channels and messages that are most efficient in different countries.