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Denmark    +45 69 91 80 06

Finland      +358 9 42454495

Norway     +47 23 96 04 19

Sweden     +46 40 668 81 03

Germany    +49 203 8048057

Baltics        +370 693 37 346

Benelux      +31 6 53701971

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About us

Succeed abroad.

MakesYouLocal help webshops to succeed abroad. We help with the initial strategic decisions and localisation, to make sure the webshops meet expectations in the new country.

Once the webshop is launched, our local teams are an important part of the daily operations for our clients. We can take care of customer service, translations, shop management and online marketing with a focus on growth and profitability.


MakesYouLocal was established in 2010. The idea came from more than 10 years of work in leading Danish online shops selling in several countries.

The company is privately owned by the founders and key employees, all working in the company.


The head office is based in central Copenhagen and in 2015 an office was established in Lithuania, from where we serve Poland and the Baltic countries.


Today, MakesYouLocal employs native e-commerce specialists from all the Nordic, Baltic countries and Germany.


MakesYouLocal is also part of the Salesupply network, which gives our customers access to the same competences in the rest of the EU and USA.


How We Work

We work with country teams. If you plan to sell in Germany our German team will take work with you from start until launch, preparing the webshop for the German customers. After launch, they can both do customer service, translations of product texts and localisation of marketing and social media content. 


In other words, use our country team as if it was your own team. The only difference is, that you only pay for the hours you need them!

Our goal is to be a strong alternative to building up an internal team. An internal team is expensive and if you manage to attract people with the right competencies, do you then have enough work to keep them busy?

To find out more, give us a call or read more on this website or on our blog.