How to generate new product texts in 10 minutes!

Manual or semi-automatic translation used to be the only way to create comprehensive high-quality product texts. Now we offer a new way. Using an advanced dynamic template, you can automatically transform product specifications into fluently written and meaningful product descriptions in a matter of seconds.

  • Generate product texts at a fraction of the cost

  • Reduce time to market at home or abroad

  • Ongoing optimisation of product texts across your webshop


Save time 

Using auto-generated product texts greatly reduce costs and saves time, allowing you to focus your resources elsewhere


Increase speed 

Expanding your product catalogue becomes a simple task. All you have to do is add specifications to a dynamic template and new product texts will be generated in minutes




Looking to grow your business? Creating product texts in a new language becomes as easy as localising and translating the dynamic template


Increase traffic to your site and drive conversion with better SEO and ad performance by enabling customers to find your products in their own language




The dynamic nature of the template makes it easy to adapt texts to seasonality. Holiday cheer or relevant campaign links can be instantly added across categories, languages and markets. It's an entirely new way of using product texts!


Launch a professional and trustworthy webshop abroad at a fraction of the cost


International expansion used to come with huge translation costs, auto-generated product texts reduce that expense




Localised product texts reflecting your USP's build trust and establish your business' commitment abroad 

This is how we do it 

Our localisation specialists utilise a combination of local market knowledge, native language skills and advanced technology to develop the template.

We analyse available product specifications and reveal possible improvements

We develop the template structure by creating variations and implementing USP's

We test the template across product categories and align with your expectations

We can adapt, localise and translate the template for rapid access to new markets

The product texts are ready to be published on your website


"This is one of the few real gamechangers I have seen throughout my 10 years of helping companies succeed abroad. It is a big step forward for companies that are selling a large selection of products or are operating in many countries."
Donatas Gudelis, MakesYouLocal



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