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Automated Customer Service


Redefine your customer support with an automated chat solution. Our automated services offer round-the-clock reliable and cost-effective customer service.


Available 24/7 

While your online shop never closes, your customer service department does. Our chatbot supports your customers no matter what time of day they choose to shop. 


Automated FAQs

Our chatbot can answer frequent and simple questions, allowing customer support agents to concentrate their efforts on more complex cases that require a human touch. 

Intelligent Website

Our chatbot is built on extensive data and know-how. It has been designed to facilitate a friction-free shopping experience, that drives customer satisfaction and conversion.    


 Automated customer service flow  

Our Automated Customer Service solution is built to deliver quick replies and support your customers.

Customer contacts customer service

Is greeted by the chatbot

Chatbot provides answer 

Chatbot is not able to answer 

 Agent takes over

Some of our clients

Our automated solution has successfully handled more than 5.000+ conversations in the last 30 days. 


Would you like to test our chatbot?

Give our chatbot a go! You can try it out in the lower-right corner to get a better feel and understanding of how it responds and acts. You will learn that we let the customers decide whether they prefer to speak with a person or with the chatbot and we try to set the right expectations to make the chatbot experience great.

Cotact us

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