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Automated Customer Support

Our automated services offer reliable and cost-effective customer service  24 hours a day.

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Our Automated Customer Service Product Suite

Chatbot: Single Product Solution   


85% of online shoppers will try another channel if they do not get a quick reply. This solution of having a Chatbot actively handling all the standardised questions and only the more technical question will be passed on to your customer service support. Having this Chatbot-implementation is low-risk, low-cost and high-reward.


Research show that 69% of online shoppers will try to find the answer to their question, before they contact customer support. Those are the customers that our chatbot is designed to assist.

Moreover, our chatbot offers a cost-effective way of handling your customer service - in local language tailored to your business needs!

Our chatbot is built on strong technology and extensive know-how and understanding of

e-commerce and always allowing the possibility to be handed over to human support which is only one click away.

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An intelligent contact form for your website that accounts for the most frequently asked questions, allowing for convenient routing and auto-replies to customers, answering requests in an instant. Ensure customers send the information needed for swift handling and first contact resolution.

Why choose our Automated Customer Service Products?

A good customer service bot of any kind is reliant on being trained by humans with knowledge and experience within customer service. Our agents are the ones responsible for the bots and their performance and thus tailor it to perform to its best ability for your customers specifically.


Most people have probably experienced being trapped in a chatbot loop at one point. Frustrated and just wishing to get in contact with a human. This is why we ensure that customers can always easily get in contact with one of our human agents. Automated Customer Service should not be enforced but merely offered.


Our internally developed setup for managing automated customer service allow for ad-hoc chances, thus being able to adapt to changes in real-time. Additionally, it allows us to manage the products and improve their performance without you having to lift a finger - and at a fraction of the price offered by other chatbot suppliers.

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