Updated: May 27, 2019

t’s a known fact to everyone in the e-commerce industry that Amazon is a dominant player in the international e-commerce landscape. And not just in the US, UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, but also in the markets where they don’t have a localised website. This is definitely true in the Nordic countries – Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland – where Amazon is in the top 5 of most used webshops.

At MakesYouLocal, we strive to be the best at crossborder e-commerce and today this means to understand how you as a webshop can benefit from Amazon. Over the last months we have built up our competences in this area and we are confident that we now can advise on Amazon Marketplace strategy, Amazon setup process as well as handling the account on behalf of our customers.

Understand your opportunities

Don’t hesitate to call us to get a better understanding of Amazon and how your business can sell on Amazon. If we see opportunities for your webshop and products to achieve results, a natural next step would be to analyse, more in detail, the competitive situation on Amazon for your products.

We have access to tools and processes that give you insights into price levels, competitors and sales estimates – a product we call an Amazon Market Scan. This is an important tool that provides the insights needed to determine the potential for your business.

Contact us to learn more

If you are interested in learning more about our Amazon Market scan or about the other Amazon services we offer, please call Søren or one of our other Amazon specialists.

Contact us here or call +45 69 91 80 06.

Updated: May 14, 2019

When we shop online for ourselves, we expect a seamless and convenient experience. We expect advanced search functionalities on the website and instant answers to questions we might have. Payment should of course also be with our preferred method and the same goes for the delivery.

These are the exact same requirements we start to have when we shop as BtB customers. First of all because we have learned through our BtC shopping that it is possible, but also because some of the smartest BtB vendors have seen the opportunity and are showing us the way.

Perfect for BtB e-commerce

BtC features are relevant in BtB e-commerce

The dash buttons developed by Amazon is a great example of a BtC feature that might be even better in the BtB world. Picking up a box of dishwasher detergent in the supermarket on your daily visit is easy and it is a minor problem if you run out. But if you need a pallet of card board boxes for your business every 4 to 6 weeks to ship out products, it makes even more sense to use a dash button. Setting up an agreement with the vendor about price and delivery time and your warehouse employees can just hit the button when the pallet is almost empty.  No administration and the person using the boxes is in control.

To get to the final round requires an online presence

When companies look for new vendors the search starts online and after some research they choose 3-5 potential businesses to consider. As a minimum your online presence has to be convincing enough to qualify your business for further evaluation. What is required to convince the purchaser is  different from industry to industry and also from purchaser to purchaser. But making sure you are found online on the right search terms, offering relevant landing pages that builds trust and show a clear and convenient next step, will be vital for succes.

According to Forrester, 59% of BtB buyers prefer to do research online instead of interacting with a sales rep. The sales rep’s are often pushing a sales agenda (this months campaign, the new product release etc.) and they often don’t have the specialist knowledge needed, to solve the potential customers specific problem.

Look at the potential from the buying side

The trick is to be able to look at your business from the buying side. What options would the new generation of online buyers like to have, when they are looking for products like those you sell? Is it a dash button with fast and seamless ordering, is it an online database with access to all the spare parts, is it the option to initiate a chat dialogue with a product specialist or is it just to pay by invoice instead of credit card?

Spend some time talking with existing and potential clients to understand what could make their world easier. Look at competitors and in other industries for inspiration and remember, that the right solution for you might not be invented yet.

Being online as a BtB makes new markets much easier

The revolution we will see in BtB purchasing is happening in all countries. Offering a strong online presence will open your business to new clients from the neighboring countries – and not offering a strong online presence, might motivate your existing clients to try other vendors from abroad. As well as in BtC e-commerce international transactions will increase because we are getting more experienced with e-commerce and understand the upsides of broadening our search. As sellers we also understand how technology is making it easier to offer our service outside our home market.

At MakesYouLocal we have worked with cross border e-commerce since 2010 and we can assist in developing the approach to e-commerce for your business, as well as help you execute the strategy online.

Updated: May 27, 2019

This is true in many regards and when it comes to international e-commerce it is for sure.

Launching a webshop in a new country and trying to take market shares from local competitors requires a solid plan, the means to execute it and commitment to see it through.

In many of the smaller countries where we operate, we see too many webshops launch in new markets without the right commitment. Often it leads to broken dreams and loss of money, or in the best case a very delayed success, often delayed by years.

To succeed in a new country requires three important things.

  1. That you choose a market where your products and prices are competitive and relevant.

  2. That you are able to provide a seamless buying experience from first contact to everything is settled and if necessary, returns are received and refund is completed.

  3. That you have funds to launch the webshop and to invest in marketing, taking the webshop through the first 2-4 months, where it will probably not be profitable.

Finding a market where you are competitive can be hard, competition is tough in all countries. In general you could say the bigger the country, the tougher the competition. Also the better you know your target market, the easier it is to sell there.

This is the reason why many succesfull projects are launched in neighboring countries that are similar in size.

When you have decided on what you think is the best market for you, it requires a structured approach to confirm your guess. We call it a Market Scan. Read more about how to approach that task here – or ask us to do it for you.

Developing a seamless buying experience in another country requires a local hero. There are many differences between different countries, in what it takes to give this seamless buying experience.

As consumers we usually don’t leave a webshop because we don’t understand the language or don’t know how to pay. We leave the shop because we are concerned about delivery terms, return conditions and our general trust in the webshop. Having access to a native person knowing how the local people think, and who at the same time is an ecommerce specialist (a local hero), is how to avoid too many abandoned baskets. You don’t need a full time employee, but you need access to a skilled person maybe 4-8 hours per month.

Develop a business case and secure the funding before you start translating. Make sure you have a Road Map giving you an overview of the localisation task as well as any IT developments you might need. This will bring you to the launch day, but you also need to estimate the cost of offering a seamless buying experience and a professional and localised marketing effort. Usually the operationel cost for running customer support, shop maintenance and the localised marketing (excl. media spend) equals the cost of one FTE (full time employee), when it is outsourced to MakesYouLocal.

Knowing this and the IPO (Income Per Order) you can easy calculate how many orders per month are needed to reach break even.

By having this approach there is a very good chance that you will succeed abroad, and we all need our local brand owners and online retailers to do so!