Creating growth and establishing trust in the Nordic countries

Bodylab is the leading Danish producer of sports nutrition and has been providing protein powder, bars, and snacks to their many Danish customers since 2006. As a natural next step in expanding their business, Bodylab was looking to take on the Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish market.
To accomplish this, MakesYouLocal helped Bodylab develop a strategy for each market by conducting market research, creating and executing a market entry plan including translation of webshop and product texts, providing customer support in local languages, and launching a marketing plan for each country.





Getting success in a new market starts with a strong market entry strategy. We developed a plan for bringing products to customers in new countries and establishing Bodylab as a trustworthy brand.

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By developing and executing a marketing strategy based on our knowledge of consumer behaviour in each market and marketing channels in each market and, we helped Bodylab reach the right customers and grow quickly.



We provided customer service in local languages in the new markets and were thereby able to build trust and brand relations as good as any local player.


“MakesYouLocal has helped us expand into 3 new countries in record time. They’ve been a great advisor in setting and executing the strategy as well as localising and maintaining our international webshops. We have seen a steep growth curve in all countries and can only recommend to get expert advice on international expansion.”

Rasmus Thorup Andersen, CEO, Bodylab

Online Marketing

To launch and grow the Bodylab-brand in 3 new Nordic markets, we identified the key marketing channels and put together a tailor-made marketing plan for each country. By understanding the differences in the marketing mix and channels in each country, we were able to target the right customers through the right channels.
We also focused on adapting the messaging and brand tone to the new countries. We did market research to identify consumer habits and cultural differences between the markets. This helped us localise the way we communicate with customers in each country effectively to create results.


Brand Ambassadors

A key channel for Bodylab’s success in the Nordic countries was through local brand ambassadors. By making use of influencers with a relevant profile to the target market, Bodylab was able to reach the right customers through trustworthy people they follow on social media channels.
We setup the brand ambassador program in Sweden, Norway and Finland by identifying interesting profiles on social media channels, coordinating the messaging to be shared by the brand ambassadors, and continually followed up on their activity on social media.

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