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Increase your online sales through local brand ambassadors.


We can help you find the right influencers that customers in your markets trust to tell your brand story.

Customers trust the people they follow on Instagram and Facebook more than ever.


Is your brand visible enough in their news feeds?

What we do



We identify relevant brand ambassadors in different countries across different social media such as Instagram, Facebook and blogs that have a profile and audience similar to your potential customers.



In coordination with you and your brand guidelines, we provide the brand ambassadors with product news, campaigns and brand material to ensure continual sharing of high quality content that drives user engagement.

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We follow the results of the brand ambassador efforts closely and provide you with updates about the progress and ideas for additional initiatives.

Let local brand ambassadors help increase brand awareness in new markets

Every customer is different, especially in different markets where language, culture, and shopping habits often vary. When selling online and cross-border, it’s important to localize how you communicate with customers in each country.


By using local brand ambassadors, you will be able to reach customers in a genuine and natural way that helps build trust and brand knowledge in new markets.


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