Going full circle with Brøndsholm

Brøndsholm has since 1924 offered an exciting range of decor, interior design, and a large selection of artificial flowers, plants, and food to both Danish businesses and individuals. While providing high-quality products Brøndsholm has also put a lot of effort and focus on their courteous, friendly, and proficient customer service. In 2020 Brøndsholm wished to establish themselves in Sweden and therefore reached out to MakesYouLocal for help. Their goal was simple: To succeed in Sweden.

Monthly revenue growth

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Customer satisfaction score



With MakesYouLocal's native localisation specialists, the website was translated and localised and the terms and conditions were adjusted and updated to suit Swedish consumers. Thus, with MakesYouLocal's services, Brøndsholm was also able to offer their Swedish customers a local phone number and return address.


During the onboarding period, the localisation specialist conducted a site check where the entire website was analysed. Brøndsholm was given accurate and concrete solutions and advice on how to improve the website to get a truly native feel and appearance.


 MakesYouLocal provides us with professional service and advice, which has helped us develop our business in Sweden. It’s important that our customers are able to communicate with a native Swedish team who also are experts in the Swedish market. 


Irena Sibbern

CEO Brøndsholm


Shop management

To get the complete Swedish approach Brøndsholm chose to let MakesYouLocal handle all customer service on channels such as phone, e-mail, and chat. In that way, Brøndsholm made sure they kept the friendly and accessible customer service they valued and prioritised but in a native and local language. This approach furthermore increased the credibility of the Swedish webshop.

During the 18 months that Brøndsholm now has been live in Sweden, MakesYouLocal has handled 1319 conversations in native Swedish. Combined with a total of approx 5 200 orders, the conversation per order ratio lies at around 0,25 while maintaining a great customer satisfaction score at 84%.


Besides handling the customer service, MakesYouLocal also assists with recurring product translations for the Swedish website. 


The launch did not reach the Swedish consumers as Brøndsholm hoped and after three months with only a few sales Brøndsholm, who worked together with a different marketing agency at this point, decided to place their marketing budget in MakesYouLocal’s hands instead. This resulted in 214 sales the first month and within four months it increased to 945 orders, resulting in an increase of 442%.

To ensure success, MakesYouLocal made sure not just to copy the Danish marketing setup, but instead, take all of the knowledge from the Swedish market, customer service, and the native growth specialists and launch a marketing setup for both Facebook and Google Ads.

The Swedish approach resulted in 4.100 orders and 140.000 site visitors within the first year. After 10 months Brøndsholm surpassed one million SEK in revenue. With the help of marketing on different platforms, Brøndsholm has a 14% growth in revenue per month.


By streamlining Google Ads, focusing on Shopping ads, and creating great Facebook campaigns, we increased revenue for Brøndsholm. All marketing efforts are influenced by our customer service team, which brings knowledge to our daily work that cannot be found in other agencies. 


Pernille Davidsen

Performance Marketing Specialist, MakesYouLocal

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