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E-commerce is still growing with 2-digit rates across Europe, as well as the need for employees with e-commerce skills. Now is therefore the time to kick-start your career within international e-commerce at MakesYouLocal!


We require that you have a positive mindset, curious about e-commerce and willing to learn.

We have positions that require e-commerce experience as well as positions that do not require experience within e-commerce. In either case we plan to elevate your knowledge and experience fast.

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As an employee at MakesYouLocal, you will start at the core of understanding e-commerce: “What are the consumers struggling with when trying to spend their money online?” Depending on your position you will continuously move on to new and exciting tasks. Everybody at MakesYouLocal works with a variety of tasks, in order to ensure an interesting workday. Our advanced e-learning tool will give you basic skills in a fun and interactive way and your skilled colleagues will share their personal experience as well as tips and tricks.


After a period of employment,  you can enrol in our different training programmes to become a Localisation specialist or a Growth specialist in our Operation teams or maybe you see yourself as a Team Lead or working directly with clients in Sales, Account management or Onboarding. Let us figure that out together after we have received your application!


We put an honor in training our employees, this means that sometimes employees are spotted by other companies due to their skills and we have to say goodbye. This is of course unfortunate, however, we then know that we have an ambassador out there, advocating our company. In other situations, an employee needs to move back home, this is of course also sad for us, however often appreciated by their families at home.

Great lunch by the way - we prioritise a great lunch and a fun and friendly atmosphere. This also means great parties and other events as well as enjoyable Friday afternoons enjoyed in the courtyard.

Our ambitious training plan

When we say "work from home" we mean it

We all talk about it, however, none of us probably know the perfect solution. Our take for now is: We like to see you at the office, interacting with clients, your team and the customers of our clients. You can also work from home, however we prioritise having a work environment where you do not work from home "because I need to focus". We also have many people from abroad and when they ask to move back for a week or two to spend time with their parents we say yes, this kind of "Working from home" is about family and close relations and we support that.


Look at the positions below and if you do not find a match do not hesitate to write to us and tell us how you can help us!

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