Sell through CDON in all Nordic countries.

Reach new customers and grow your business with help of experienced e-commerce specialists.

CDON Marketplace and MakesYouLocal have made it easy and cost-effective to add new countries and a lot of customers to your potential target group.

Your potential customers are already visiting CDON Marketplace and they are buying there as well. Last year CDON Marketplace had a turnover of 240 million SEK. All you need to do to start selling on CDON Marketplace is:


  1. Translate your product texts to the local languages in the market(s) you would like to sell in.

  2. Make sure you have the processes in place for logistics, return handling and customer support.


Start-up package

If this is your first time selling on CDON, you need this. We help you understand and negotiate the contract, the pricing model, the obligations you take on your shoulders and what you can expect CDON Marketplace to do for you. Furthermore, we go through the logistics, best practice for customer service and return handling. Buying this package also includes the overall project management advice on the technical integration and coordination between CDON Marketplace and your own techical team.

Translation package

Provide us with an export of all your product texts and we can give you a fixed price per product. Each product batch will have a start up fee to cover the setup in our translation tool and project management. We will make sure the texts have the needed facts and structure, to match the expectations of the Marketplace customers.

Local return address

When you sell on CDON Marketplace you will be responsible for the return process. It is our experience that the most efficient and cost effective way is to handle the returns in the country, using our return service. We will check the returns daily and share the needed information with your accounting team, and make it possible for them to refund or send out new products. On your request we will ship back the products to your warehouse.

Customer service

CDON Marketplace will take care of the first line support. You have to be available for second line support questions from CDON’s Swedish support team. This can be provided by our local team together with support of orders from your webshops in the Nordic countries.