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The MakesYouLocal
Christmas Competition 2022

It's the season to up your automation game

Automation is one of the current buzzwords of the industry - and for good reason.


If utilised correctly, automation can drastically decrease the workload for customer support teams without companies having to compromise on their overall quality of service.

Over the last 8 months, our mailbot has answered more than 10.000 emails - for just one of our clients.

By helping the majority of customers who prefer to help themselves, automation allows your support agents to focus their efforts on the kind of cases that require an extra level of attention.

60% of those who interacted with our bots this weekend, received the answers they needed.

While customer service agents naturally are not available at all times, a chatbot or a mailbot is always online and ready to assist providing customers with 24-hour support - whenever they need it.


Automated customer service solutions, it seems, are here to stay, but making them work in your favour, demands a certain level of expertise.

What you'll win

Since 2020 we have created automated services for more than 60 clients working in the fashion, food, sports, and entertainment industries.

Our specialists continuously monitor the performance of our automated services, looking for opportunities for improvement and optimisation. We want to offer you the same level of attention and optimisation - for free.

This year the lucky winner of our Christmas competition will be granted a complimentary automation workshop.


During the workshop our automation specialists will analyse your website, identify areas of your business that could benefit from automation and provide you with tailored suggestions on how you can optimise your site and your processes, to make them ready for automation.

The workshop will include a preliminary preparation phase, during which our automation specialists will analyse your webshop, a 1-1 session dedicated to your automation opportunities and will conclude with a follow-up, where we will evaluate the process and possible next steps.

In total, our automation specialists will dedicate a minimum of five hours (worth DKK10.470) to you, your business and your automation opportunities.

How to enter

To enter the contest, register with your information, and your business will be in the pot when we draw the lucky winner no later than midday on the 23rd of December 2022.

The winner will be contacted directly, and the prize shall be redeemed no later than February 2023. If you are an existing client already utilising one of our automated services, please don’t hesitate to register for the chance to win five hours of automation optimisation.

The winner will be contacted by e-mail on the 23rd of December.

Thanks for participating!

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