Kick-off your growth!

Combine marketing, data and technology

Fresh ideas

Are you new to Growth hacking or just need to get a fresh pair of eyes on your online marketing in a specific country, this is where you should start.


We use data from your customer service team and market knowledge from our Growth hackers, to review your setup and optimise the customer experience you give. On top of that, we provide you with the best 5 campaign ideas to increase your sale.
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Native Shop managers and Growth hackers will share their insights and best practices.

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Customer service data is defining the direction of our creativity and increase the quality of improvements and ideas.



A strong methodology and certified growth hackers on the task gives you valuable output.

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What we will do

A native shop manager and a growth hacker will work together. They will use the customer service reports, Google Analytics and your competitor's online performnce to:


  • Finetune your USP’s

  • Improve the customer experience

  • Review your basic marketing setup

  • Develop 5 campaign ideas ready to test online