Growth Hacking

Don’t spend money on bad ideas!

Growth Hacking in international e-commerce

What we will add to your marketing

In Growth Hacking, we combine marketing, data and technology to grow the number of customers in a fast and cost-effective way. This is the right strategy for the 21st century, where you have to be flexible to avoid competitors, fast to grab opportunities and data-driven to avoid spending thousands of euros on the basis of a gut feeling.  

Four week iterations

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We start by developing a bunch of ideas using the knowledge we have about users, competitors and earlier tests. We prioritize ideas using a growth hacker methodology and try out the four most promising tests live for two weeks. We analyze the results, learn from successes and failures and then we conclude and report to you.



Localisation experts from the target market will be part of the team working with your business.



Data analysis is defining the direction of our creativity as well as being the tool for evaluating the results.



A structured four week process, where we test four new campaigns, leads to results, learnings and conclusions every month. 



Together we define the relevant KPI's and by connecting each test to the KPI's, we know if we have a winner.



Our teams have an updated toolbox allowing us to test new approaches, without gambling with your webshop.

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The texts are critical in our effort to convert visitors to customers. Our texts are written by our native staff, copy that?

per month

Growth Hacking



The dedicated team will coordinate with your existing marketing team and use their experience in combination with our research to conduct:

  •  full online competitor review

  • full shop and marketing
    review and every month​:

    • 15 ideas developed and prioritized every month
    • 5 ideas tested every month

    • Full reporting including learnings shared 

    • Successful ideas handed over to in-house marketing team

Growth Hacking 



With the insights from our daily customer service dialogue and the experience from our skilled Growth Hackers, we will be able to kick-start your growth. Let us:


  • Finetune your USP’s

  • Improve the customer experience

  • Review your basic marketing setup

  • Develop 5 campaign ideas ready to test online


Unless you have extraordinary products, prices or delivery terms, you don't win customers in a new country by doing the same as your competitors.

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Fail more - Learn more

A fundamental part of growth hacking is to fail more - and succeed more.


We keep test periods short and the number of tests high. When we fail we learn, when we succeed, we scale it up!

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