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Are you a business owner or heading an online business, and are you navigating an international market? 

Whether you are ready to launch your business in a

new market or want to increase your performance in an established market, we can help.


Taking your marketing efforts abroad?

Being competitive short-term and long-term is at the core of how we approach online marketing for our clients. Focusing on both is essential on the path to Growth and Profitability, not only for an E-commerce business launching abroad, but also for those operating in an established market. We have a highly skilled team of digital marketing specialists who, with the support of our native teams, ensure that local market knowledge and experience go hand in hand.

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Marketing basics

We focus on having the basics in place. Having the right tracking in place, ensuring that the website can be found on Google, and having the right approach on Social Media, are all important first steps in being successful.


Growth Marketing

Are you already settled in a market but want to take your online marketing to the next level? These products are designed to help you; with a focus on Growth and Profitability, our specialists and native teams ensure a constant focus on efficient marketing targeted towards your goals.

Meet the team


Thomas Petersen

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Victor V. Thostrup-Hansen


Sofia Johansson


Domantas Balaišis

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Growth Hacking

Are you in need of growth but unsure how to approach it? Then our Growth Hacking product might be an option worth considering. We have Growth Hacking Specialists ready to help - read more about Growth Hacking here.


"Even though Denmark borders both Sweden and Germany, the three countries have significant cultural differences when it comes to online shopping. So what should you consider when launching your business in a new country?

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Why online marketing?

What is SEO?

What is a digital marketing campaign?

Why use Google Ads?

What is a social media strategy?

How to sell on Facebook Shop?

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