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Growth Hacking

- How to win in international e-commerce

Why Growth Hacking is a strong approach in international e-commerce

In Growth Hacking, we combine marketing, data and technology to grow the number of customers in a fast and cost-effective way. This is the right strategy in international e-commerce, where you have to be agile to outmaneuver competitors, fast to grab opportunities and data-driven to avoid spending thousands of euros on bad ideas.  

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Unless you have extraordinary products, prices or delivery terms, you don't win customers in a new country by doing the same as your competitors.

Fail more - Learn more

A fundamental part of growth hacking is to fail more - and succeed more.


We keep test periods short and the number of tests high. When we fail we learn, when we succeed, we scale it up!

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Does Growth Hacking sound interesting? Click on the button "READ MORE" below; then you will be able to hear Max Riis Christensen talk about some of the challenges creating advertising in a new country. Furthermore, why MakesYouLocal is suited to make your company grow in an international market.