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To succeed with online sale in a new country, it is important to appear as a trustworthy and safe webshop, seen from your new customers perspective. It requires a native e-commerce expert with knowledge of language, culture, legislation, online payments and logistics.


When we started MakesYouLocal this was our primary area of business and we have helped a lot of businesses into new markets, using the different services described below.

Localisation services

Translation is an important part of localising a web-shop in a new market. At the same time it is also important to be able to see what copy needs to be translated and what copy needs to be localised or rewritten to fit into the processes and culture in the new country. This part is therefore done by our online shop managers; they have both the language skills and the e-commerce knowledge needed for the task. This is how we do it at MakesYouLocal:

  • We translate directly in the back-end of your web-shop or based on a text export

  • When we start the project we will discuss the different pages with you, to make sure we agree on the differences in processes, contact persons etc.

  • When we work with the copy we might also contact you to discuss specific issues or maybe we recommend some changes to improve the conversion rate.

Translation of product copy is often a time-consuming task and in particular for online shops with a high turnover of products it is both a challenge and a considerable investment. We have a lot of experience not just in the practical translation process, but also in the strategic choices an online shop needs to make:

  • Do we need to translate all product copy?

  • Will we translate directly or will we rewrite to a shorter version or another tone of voice?

  • Do we create SEO copy?

  • How do we handle new products arriving after launch?

The translation can be done in the back-end of your web-shop, but often it is more effective – and therefore less expensive –  if the copy is exported to our translation software.

Although there has been a harmonisation of the e-commerce legislation in EU, an online shop still need to have a local set of terms and conditions in order to comply with local legislation.

The requirements are almost the same, but the EU directive is interpreted and implemented differently in each country and therefore it is not an option to do a translation. If the terms and conditions are unclear or not aligned with legislation, this often extends the return rights of customers and limits the online shop’s option to reduce the refund if the product has been used or the packing material is damaged or missing.

We deliver a complete legal package assuring that terms and conditions meet local legislation and at the same time follow your processes and terms.

An important part of success in a new country is to create an environment where the customers feel safe. Payment methods and trust marks plays an important role in creating this environment.

MakesYouLocal help you choose the payment methods and trustmarks that are needed in your industry and for your online shop. We can also set up the agreement with the payment provider and take care of the application process. We probably have a good contact at the supplier already and we have been down the road before.

Our site check focuses on the localisation of your online shop. Has everything been optimised to the local market and can the conversion rate in the new market match the conversion rate in your home market? This service is the place to start if you have launched in a new country but not met your initial expectations.

When we have performed the site check you will receive a detailed report with our prioritised recommendations and the reasons behind them. In the report we look at the following main areas:

  • Copy; is the content in the web-shop translated and localised in a way that is seen as trustworthy and professional?

  • Usability; is the shop simple and intuitive to use for the local customers?

  • Shipping and returns – are you meeting customer expectations in the new country

  • USPs; are you using the right USPs on the front page and the product pages in this market?

  • Security; is it a safe shopping environment?

  • Checkout and payment; is the check-out flow effective and do you offer the right payment methods?

We will also give a total rating of the online shop as well as provide you with a prioritised list of the recommendations we expect to have a positive impact on the conversion rate.

It is important for us that the corrections and recommendations are easy to implement, especially if you don’t understand the local language.

A local address and phone number will without doubt increase your conversion rate. You are only a (local) call away and displaying a local address also tells the customers that return handling will be simple. We offer a local address where we can receive and handle mail and return packages. We can also offer local phone numbers that transfer the call to your customer service or our customer service, if we handle this task for you.

The challenge of dealing with import taxes and VAT settlement in countries outside the EU can seem like a complicated task, but with the right guidance it is possible to do. Many Nordic web-shops within the EU have the Norwegian market high on their list, and there is a good reason for that. The competition in Norway is less intense and Norwegian customers have the highest average basket size of all Nordic countries.

MakesYouLocal has developed a manual that helps you in the following ways. It:

  • explains the requirements for selling online to private persons in Norway,

  • gives clear and exact guidance in the necessary processes,

  • gives examples and templates of the forms and documents you need,

  • contains a guide for return handling in Norway.

When buying this manual you will also get access to phone support from our e-commerce specialists for practical implementation.