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In order to be successful in a new country it is essential that the buying experience for customers is positive, so they share this with their peers and return to your shop next time they have a need to purchase similar products. The key to achieving this is identifying efficient solutions to the problems that customers have and ensure their satisfaction when the transaction has been completed. We have great tools and an experienced team that can help you in this process.

Operations services

When outsourcing your customer service to us, we provide you with a skilled and experienced customer service team that will take care of your customers in their local language.

Our starting point is a thorough introduction to your shop and product range so we understand your processes and products well. In our customer service work, we focus on responding quickly and correctly when your customers need help. This ensures an efficient workflow and a cost-conscious solution without unnecessary emails and calls.

Here is how we start up customer service:

  • We host an introductory meeting, in which we discuss technical and practical circumstances.

  • We set up a local phone number and integrate your customer orders into our customer service system.

  • We conduct product training and go through processes.

  • Your website is updated with new contact information and processes are optimised.

  • Customer service is taken over by our team.

  • Ongoing communication with your team about complex issues.

  • Review meeting after about a month, focused on optimising processes and our collaboration.

Handling returns can be a key competitive advantage when selling abroad. Your new customers will compare your return policy with local players and consider price and simplicity before making a purchase. The return services offered by your distributor are not always the quickest and most efficient and this is where we can help.

Here is how it works:

  • You add our local address as the return address on your website and return label.

  • We receive your return packages, open them and ensure that everything is as described on the return label.

  • We add any additional comments to the label before scanning it and shipping it off to your customer service team – or ours if we are handling your customer service.

  • Your return packages are kept safely in our stock room until you need them returned. Just let us know and we will ship them back to your warehouse.

Operating an online shop in a new country requires continuous maintenance. The front page needs to be updated, newsletters have to be created and the usability and functionality of the shop must be followed closely. While this is not a full-time job, you need someone to take care of these tasks who understands the market, speaks the local language, and knows a lot about e-commerce.

By providing you with a shop manager from our team, we can help you solve these shop management tasks. Our shop manager will be your point of contact and will handle all changes, updates and tests in your shop.

The process will be determined based on your individual needs and will be settled based on hours spent or a fixed budget