8,5 million dutchmen bought online in 2011 – and increasing…

The Netherlands – or Holland as we use to call it in the Nordic countries – are a very attractive market.

First of all because of the size. With 17 million people and half of them buying online on a regular basis, it ad’s up to 9 billion euro in 2011 and expected 10 billion in 2012.

Another important reason is that the dutch people in many ways behave like we do in the Nordic countries. This means that a lot of Nordic webshops just need a proper localisation in order to be ready for the Dutch market.

Another thing to keep in mind is that bigger countries also have a more intense competition. We always recommend to do a quick market scan to fully learn about your competitors in the new market, as well as the price level for your most important products.

See more about the Dutch online market here where you also find useful statistics about Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and the UK.