Extend the return right in your shop to 12 months!

Updated: May 27, 2019

June 13. is the date where tougher rules for cancellation and returned goods are a reality for web shops within the EU. While it gives consumers a number of benefits, it certainly gives the e-retailers a number of challenges.

The new legislation extends the consumer rights when returning products. The customers are allowed to try the new shoes on the tennis court, wear the underwear and unpack the printer toner and afterwards decide, if they would like to return it and  get a refund.

And your are actually obliged to refund within two weeks, even if the products have not yet arrived at your warehouse.

There are also other changes and we would be happy to help implement them in your existing terms and conditions.

The goal of this blog post is about highlighting the consequences, if you don’t implement the new legislation.

It turns out, that a web shop is obliged to inform customers about their rights and if you don’t update your terms and conditions by June 13. according to the new legislation, you are not meeting this obligation.

The consequence is that your customers automatically can be granted an extended return period of 12 months and they can also require a full refund, even if they have tried the products and the products don’t represent the same value for you anymore.

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