How to be two places at the same time

When you launch a web shop in a new country it would really help a lot if you could give the same focus to the new market, as you did to your home market, when you started out there. It is unfortunately not possible, and it is often easy to see on the web shops performance in the new country.

We often see conversion rates and traffic development suffer from lack of attention and inside knowledge of the country. There is no quick fix to this. What you have in your home country is a unique combination of an ownership of your business and a detailed local insight.

But you can do something else

We think the deep knowledge of your online business, the strengths and weaknesses it has and the experience you are gaining every day are very important in order to navigate in a new market. What you need on top of that is insights from “the other side”. How do your new foreign customers think, what are their habbits etc.

But most important you need the ongoing attention in the new markets and you need someone to convert this knowledge to activities and actions in your web shop.

An example….

In Denmark it has been snowing and been very cold for the last week and it is not normal in December. If you lived here you would properly relate to this unnormal situation in your newsletter and use it to convince the customers of the convenience of online Christmas shopping. You can use it as theme for a “too cold to go out – sale” or something else the Danish consumers can relate to.

What also seems to be the problem is the low volume you have in a new market. At the end of the day your attention will stay at the business that pays the salery to you and your employee.

We have decided that our focus in 2013 will be to help our customers with 3 important tasks, to secure their foreign succes.

  • We will provide our customers with their own KPI’s for the new market – each month.This is not rocket science, this is just work you won’t get done by yourself.

  • We will also give our view on the market situation based on the KPI’s and our market knowledge.

  • We will give our recommendations for future activities – as if it was our own shop.

Give us a call to learn more about this service.