How to pay VAT in Denmark

Updated: May 27, 2019

During these months the Danish authorities are tracking down foreign web shops selling in Denmark without paying Danish VAT. This is of course not okay, but I don’t think they do this on purpose… is just not that simple to figure out how to pay VAT in Denmark.

Imagine if you should start paying VAT in another country. Where would you start? The local authorities are not always as international and agile as we could wish for.

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Back to VAT….

You need to get a Danish VAT number and you can use your existing company or you can set up a Danish branch of your existing company. You can also decide to set up a legal entity, a company with limited responsibility, in Denmark. The right choice for you depends on your need for payment methods and other expectations to your Nordic venture.

You can apply for a VAT number at the Danish authorities using this link to their digital form:

You will also have to make a few adjustments on your web shop if you sell to companies.

According to EU regulations, VAT from companies are collected locally and not by you, as you do with BtC sales.

VAT is usually paid every third month and it is easily done through an online portal provided by the authorities.

….so it is possible to follow the law, it takes some time to figure out the bureaucracy and it helps a lot if you have done it before – and therefore I strongly recommend using an accountant or a company like MakesYouLocal.