Maybe you aren’t Smartguy, but you can be a smart guy – or girl

Last week I spoke with Esben Elmoe, responsible for the internationalisation of the leading Danish online retailer, Smartguy.

Their approach are inspiring!

During the last 12 months they have launched 12 new countries and according to Esben with success.

They came to the conclusion that there was 3 critical things they needed to accomplish, before they could start selling in a new country.

  1. A distribution solution meeting the expectations of the local online shopper

  2. Offer local payment methods

  3. Translate the web shop and offer native speaking customer service

So this is what they do. Not more, not less.

When the shop is live they start learning

From this point their approach seems to be trial and error. They follow the traffic, adjust prices if needed, try a few online marketing campaigns and do minor things to get the ball rolling. Some of the countries turns immediately into a success and others are less successfull…

Only a few of us have the size and financial muscle to go with this approach, but you can still use some of their ideas.

How you can start selling in a new country in 8 weeks

Outsource the specialist work of setting up local payment methods, proper logistics and translations. Get it done by local specialists and you are ready to start selling.

Don’t let the missing internal knowledge be an obstacle that delays your internationalisation. As competition builds in e-commerce, it is only getting more difficult.

Remember, a full localization cost less than 2 months salery to an employee.

MakesYouLocal can also offer local customer service and get you live with a localized and professional web shop in a new country, in only 8 weeks.

Why not get started?