No butter in Norway

Updated: May 27, 2019

Norway is outside EU and in order to protect Norwegian suppliers from international competition, they add a customs duty on many products, including butter. In fact butter will be topped with a 25% duty.

The Norwegian cow’s are not able to produce enough butter for Christmas this year and therefore Norway has temporarily removed the duty on butter. They hope that dairies inside EU will be ready to export butter to them.

The funny thing here is that the diaries has decided to turn the offer down. They find the normal 25% duty very unfair and protective and decided, that the Norwegians will have to live without butter during christmas, since the duty only has been removed temporarily.

For an EU web shop (and if you don’t sell butter) the customs duty make it difficult to sell in Norway for two reasons.

1. Administration of customs handling is both complex and time consuming to establish

2. The customs duty will reduce competitiveness compared to local players The administration is an area where MakesYouLocal can help. Wer can set up routines with the right partners and make sure you stay competitive and profitable, when selling online in Norway.We can’t change that Norway is outside EU and right know I don’t think they consider joining 🙂