Sell in Sweden in 4 weeks?

The Swedish e-commerce market is about twice the size of the Danish market. The competition is (also) tough in Sweden, but the market is growing and will continue to grow the coming years and therefore it is an opportunity you should consider.

What will it take to sell in Sweden? Sweden is not the most complicated market, of course there are things you need to localize to be successful, but it can be done in a few weeks.

You need to translate the web shop, prepare a new set of terms and conditions, implement local payment methods and you will then be ready to welcome your new customers.

Behind the scenes you also need to have a plan for distribution, returns and customer service.

If you compare with Norway, Finland or Denmark this is definitely one of the easiest markets to enter.

Can it be done in 4 weeks? It is possible. Since we also have Swedish employees we can start working on your shop right away. We would initially prepare a roadmap to give you the full overview of the challenges ahead including an estimate of all costs.

Going to Sweden can be done in 4 weeks and the cost will often be less than a months salary of one of your employees.

Give us a call or write us an email if you would like to hear more.