Take care in Germany – it is expensive to make mistakes!

Updated: May 27, 2019

In Germany they have something they call “Abmahnung”, it is a written warning. Many web shops receive this Abmahnung and often they are surprised about the consequences.

The bottom line is: If your site isn’t “German proof”, any lawyer can invoice 800-1500€  and you will have to pay…

Lawyers can write this written warning to web shops  not following the German law.  They are allowed to invoice their cost of writing this warning and the invoice will often be between 800-1.500€. You have to pay and you have to accept the warning and correct the error.

If you choose not to pay, you risk a law suit and you will most often have a weak case and can add additional costs to the first invoice.

German law is complicated and very specific.  Actually you can break the law in Germany by using the wrong word in your check out flow. Today we received an e-mail from our German partner telling us that the text on the “confirm order”-button now should be either “Zahlungspflichtig bestellen” or “Kaufen”. Not “Jetz kaufen” or something else you would favour…..

Another more typical example is webshops missing the mandatory “Impressum” link in the footer or have terms and conditions where consumer rights don’t follow German law.

Get help when you enter the German market

To avoid this kind of invoices we recommend that you ask a law firm or a partner like us, to do a prober site check. This will give you a clear idea of what you need to work with. You can also ask us to deliver a complete “German proof” set of terms and conditions adjusted to your business requirements.

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