The local hero will make the difference!

Updated: May 27, 2019

When you try to sell online in other countries there is one thing which is critical to succeed: The local market insights explaining why things don’t work out as planned – and what to do about it.

The problem is

It is not difficult to see when things don’t work out as planned. You can see the conversion rate is low, and you can maybe also see that the rate of recurring customers is lower than expected. If the problem is in the profitability, you can see it in your bottom line.

The difficult part is to understand why, and this is even more difficult, when you are based in another country. The pitfall you don’t wan’t to fall into, is using your experience from your home market to solve a problem in different country. This often leads to wrong conclusions and money spent on wrong solutions.

We have an e-commerce specialist in each country – your local hero We have a local hero who will tell you why. Why your sales are low – or high, why your returns are going up or why your conversion rate is lower than in your home market. We will also give recommendations on how to improve your results and a plan for implementation.

MakesYouLocal offer a monthly Market report We provide the local knowledge in the monthly market report, where we summarise 8 KPI’s we find important for monitoring international growth and profitability. Every month our local specialist analyse the results and take a look at your main competitors and their activities. Based on our findings we will give our recommendations on how to move forward.

Market report giving local knowledge to improve results

We can do more If the market report leads to further questions we will investigate more on your behalf, and more important, we can of course help implement the actions you decide to take.

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