Tips for the holiday gift season in the Nordics

Updated: May 27, 2019

In the Nordic countries, search demand for ‘Christmas gifts’ are already rising sharply from around this time, a little less than three months before Christmas Eve. Are you ready?

Read our tips on how to meet the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish customers in search and network advertising

Google Shopping

Google Shopping launched in Denmark, Norway and Sweden in the middle of the Christmas shopping period last year, so we don’t have a proper year-to-year comparison to lean on. But there is no doubt that the ‘product/price comparison’ part of Google search results will be very important this year. Make sure that:

  • your products are updated with good descriptions and competitive pricing.

  • your product feed has been checked for technical errors blocking your products from showing

  • the promotion field is updated with relevant info like ‘Free shipping – last order 19/12’

If your shop is still not on Google Shopping, you should prioritize this in order to get your fair share of the customer demand!


Connecting to previous visitors/shoppers on your websites is now much easier with the use of remarketing. In Google AdWords there are several ways to take advantage of this:

  • Remarketing for search: Bid higher/lower or include/exclude searches from previous visitors. Example: If you are selling golf equipment, using the keyword ‘driver’ may be too expensive to use for all searches. But if you instead target ads only to be shown if the visitor searching ‘driver’ visited you before, you’ll know that the customer is probably looking for a golf-related driver. Same may count for even more generic search terms like ‘christmas gifts’, which would then only be targeted to your previous visitors.

  • Remarketing network banner/text ads: Your remarketing lists will potentially be able to include consumers that have visited you in the last 540 days. Showing these previous visitors banner ads with relevant offers for Christmas will remind them of your shop/product in a period where almost everybody is looking around to buy gifts.

  • Dynamic remarketing: This tactic will show banner ads in the Google network with the exact same products as the visitor looked at on your site. The click rate on these banners are up to 450% higher than most other network advertising, as the customer is very close to the actual purchase decision of that exact product. Read more about this here.

Mobile shoppers

The growth of mobile usage has been – and still is – amazing. On many consumer websites traffic from mobile is almost the size of traditional PC/Mac usage. And don’t be fooled: The conversion rates on mobile visits are in most cases much lower, but keep in mind that a large portion of the first interaction with you website/brand/product is happening for example in the couch watching TV on the side.

After the initial research, many consumers move the actual purchase to a larger screen with a keyboard. If you did not show up on the mobile device for the first interaction, the customer will not even know about you when the actual purchase is made.

We wish you all a great holiday gift sale!