Why Finland might be the right place for you!

Updated: May 27, 2019

Finland and the 5,5 mio. people living there, is an interesting opportunity for web shops planning to expand international.

>> MakesYouLocal establish an office in Finland – read press release here

Some of the facts:

  • Online growth 2011 +10 %

  • The growth of retail products online +14 %

  • Value of online sales in Finland exceeded 10 billion euros in 2011

  • “Only” 1.7 mio buy online often, still huge growth potential and higher potential than the rest of the Nordic countries

  • Marketing cost lower compared to other Nordic countries

The reason why you don’t expand to Finland, should be the reason why you decide to do it…

Finnish is a challenging language. We can make sense out of all the other Nordic languages, German and English, but most of us don’t understand a clue of a sentence in Finnish. Therefore the tasks seems to be more scary, since we will have to depend 100% on the skills of others.

This is why the competition is Finland is less intense than in Sweden or Denmark and exactly why you should go to Finland. A less intense competition will lower your CPO and you will sometimes even be able to increase your prices.

You still need to solve the language issue

This is the main reason why MakesYouLocal decided to establish an office in Finland. Offering both translation and localisation of your web shop as well as ongoing customer service after launch, makes it possible for you to act in Finland without understanding the language. You will not have to depend on a single person, but you have a team of native Finnish people to help you.

Some of these tasks can also be handled with student workers, relatives in Finland and probably other consulting companies, but just keep in mind that you need an ongoing solution. Localising a web shop is something you do in 6 weeks, but you have to maintain it forever, as you do with the shop in your home market.

Access to the team at MakesYouLocal makes it possible to keep your web shop Finnish.

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