Localised product texts made easy!

Automatically transform product specifications into fluently written and meaningful product descriptions

Translations used to be the only option on the table, but now we offer a new way of approaching this. Using a dynamic template, you can choose to transform product specifications into fluently written and meaningful product descriptions automatically. This will give your visitors a localised product text at a fraction of the cost of a quality translation.

Our e-commerce specialists will adapt the template in cooperation with you, thus building an "engine" that will allow us to create product texts for both existing and future products.

  • Attract an increased amount of visitors through both organic and paid traffic

  • Conversion rate increase, due to a more local and trustworthy experience

  • Create each product text at a low cost

Is it better than translations?

If the alternative is not to launch in a new country at all...

...a localised shop with great products will of course perform much better!

If the alternative is to launch without localised product texts...

...using our dynamic template will increase traffic and conversions right away

If the alternative is to launch with machine translated product texts...

...using our dynamic templates will give you localised and gramatically correct texts

Localised product texts build trust!

Most visitors briefly read over the product text, which is why companies consider either removing them completely or simply use one English text across all the countries they cover. 

Product texts are often read only for a few seconds, but those few seconds are all it takes for a potential buyer to evaluate if a shop is trustworthy thereby increasing the chance of a purchase.


"We often receive calls from customers to verify the legitimacy of the shop, if the product descriptions are in English or even missing"

Tora, Ecommerce Manager, Sweden

No matter how great your shops are doing, there is always room for improvement. At MakesYouLocal we have more than 10 years of experience working with cross-border ecommerce and we have specialists ready to help you select the right approach for your webshop.

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