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Product Translations

Translated product texts are key to success in a foreign market. Let our experienced e-commerce translation teams help you out!

Upload an Excel or CSV file and receive an estimated offer for translating your texts.

AI, Machine learning

and price

Quality and speed increase every day in product text translations. 


Using professional translating tools let us take advantage of the newest technologies and also build up your own dictionary for future translations. 


We will talk about strategy before the price

The cost of your translation has a lot more to do with the strategy for your translations than the cost of the swede, german or polish translator.

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Our native translators have local e-commerce experience and take cultural differences into account.

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We offer an efficient system for the day-to-day translations needed to run a successful webshop.

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We take advantage of cutting edge tools using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

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All our translators will be briefed on your SEO strategy as well as we of course have ongoing quality tests securing high-quality deliveries.

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What we will do

In order to ensure that you receive quality translations we will initiate our collaboration with:

  • Complete analysis of product texts, in order to make sure our translators have the industry knowledge required

  • An SEO discussion with you in order to make sure that our translators are aligned with your priorities

  • Set up an account in our translation system, to collect and secure learnings for your future translations


"MakesYouLocal translate our product texts into eight different languages"

– Erik Stengaard-Pedersen, Head of E-commerce & Omnichannel, Zizzi

Text in your native language are more compelling!

We are all international minded, we read several languages. But it is still a fact that localised product texts tell consumers that you are a professional and trustworthy webshop.