Local Phone number

Local Phone Number

A local phone number will increase your conversion rate. When we as consumers look through a webshop and see a foreign number, it sets off a couple of alarming thoughts. 1) This is a foreign webshop, this might not go as easy as it does with a local shop. 2) Do they speak my language if I need to contact them?


Having a local phone number will avoid these thoughts and the customer will hopefully continue to the check-out and shortly after be receiving the products.

Local Phone Number

  • We will forward all calls to the customer service team. The price includes a welcome message and a technical setup. Besides the setup price, there is a running cost of 20€/month + 0,03€ per minute.

    If you also need help for native customer service, read more here.

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Denmark    +45 69 91 80 06

Finland      +358 9 42457421

Norway     +47 23 96 04 19

Sweden     +46 40 668 81 03

Germany    +49 800 0009769

Baltics        +370 693 37 346

Benelux      +31 6 53701971

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