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What is a Research Paper?

An examination piece written over an extended period where a student either completes a or graduate school. Assignments are regular assignments that help to explore a topic, collect data, and evaluate a student’s comprehension. These types of tasks have been used to determine the scores that a learner will earn in their academics.

A research essay is also known as a thesis, which is a short literary composition that tends to be graded depending on the test when there is a long term possibility of completing it. A complete investigation paper needs to be appropriately formatted to allow the reader to have a clear understanding of the issue. Moreover, it must cite the sources used in the report.

Types of Assignment Papers

Assignment essays can vary depending on the subject. For instance, if it is a business proposal, students should choose topic subjects that are relevant to them. If a college essays that worked the investigation to investigate a historical phenomenon, the economics research paper could be the most appropriate.

On the other hand, essay writing is common in humanity courses. Such topics include matters of government, social responsibilities, leadership, and learning. Your research paper has to be logical, concise, and straight to the point.

If writing a research paper involves some initial steps, below is a list of the commonly used structure for such papers:

  • Title page

  • Acknowledgments

  • Table of contents

  • Abstract

  • Introduction

  • Literature review

  • Methodology

  • Results

  • Conclusion

  • References

Write research paper Sections

The first section is the title that is dedicated to the purpose of the pro essays. The following items form the presentation.


It is the heart of the paper. It is made up of the introduction, facts, and identity of the researcher. The hypothesis and question are also included in the statement. However, the method and abbreviation used will depend on the type of thesis.

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