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We have learned, that unless you have extraordinary products, prices or delivery terms, you can’t win customers in new countries, by doing the same as the competitors.

In all countries, you will find competitors with skilled employees and lots of experience. To win customers from them, you need to take another approach.

Growth hacking is our choice of weapon. We combine skilled marketing specialists with native e-commerce and experience from 10 years and more than 500 projects.


We also offer our vast experience in the traditional marketing tools, to support our clients with Google Ads, social media and influencer marketing when selling abroad.

Sales services

The purpose of growth hacking is to test more and better ideas, in shorter time and with less money spend than traditional planning.


More because we design the test in a way where we will know the result in two weeks. Better ideas because we spend time to develop personas representing typical customers and find your top 5 competitors and compare them between more than15 different areas.


This gives us a clear understanding of the customers and the competition and forms the basis of our idea development.


We develop a range of ideas every month to be prioritised using growth hacker methodology. This process secures that ideas with high impact and scalability are on top of the list.

By the end of each month we will be able to conclude on the tests, scale up winning ideas and skip the rest. Then we do it again.


The main advantage of growth hacking is the structured approach to idea generation, low cost approach in testing and the high number of ideas we test.

When you start selling in new countries most of your traffic – and sometimes all of your traffic – comes through paid channels. Adwords is the main channel in the Nordic countries often followed by Facebook advertising, price comparison sites and affiliate marketing.


We can help you put together a simple and efficient marketing set up focusing on the key channels that will give you a good start in the new market and drive relevant traffic to your shop.


If your goal is to increase your revenue, we recommend to combine the basic online marketing setup with Growth hacking as described above

Our marketing team has over 10 years of experience in promoting businesses and products online and has a deep knowledge of the different channels and messages that are most efficient in different countries.

Increase your online sales through local brand ambassadors.


We can help you find the right influencers that customers in your markets trust to tell your brand story.

Customers trust the people they follow on Instagram and Facebook more than ever.


Is your brand visible enough in their news feeds?

Read more on the Brand Ambassadors page.