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We will create Terms & Conditions based on local legislation and e-commerce standards as well as your business processes.


We verify that your transactional e-mails are in line with local legislation and best practice.


You will receive a detailed implementation guide along with the Terms & Conditions.

Did you know... 

that within the Scandinavian countries, three different complaint periods apply and in Germany, you will be fined if you do not properly implement specific German requirements? 


Although the EU has standardised e-commerce consumer rights, the interpretation and implementation of these will differ between countries. 

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15.000 DKK / 2.000 €

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Everyone knows that far from all online shoppers open and read the terms & conditions. However, approximately 1 out of every 10 does.

Finding the terms in high-quality language, with commonly used phrases and easy access to the information they are looking for, will help customers in perceiving your shop as trustworthy. 

In cases where the terms are used as a source of information, e.g. concerning delivery and returns, this, of course, becomes even more relevant.

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