Gardening online with Veikals Dārzam

The Home & Garden e-commerce brand increased its monthly orders year-over-year by 545% in Latvia under the brand name Veikals Dārzam after partnering with MakesYouLocal and using its local expertise on customer behaviour, local e-commerce market and marketing channels.

Year-over-year increase in orders

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Customer satisfaction score



Veikals Darzām’s marketing campaign strategy was built on two main strands: finding local winning products and providing an all-in-one shopping experience for all things gardening.


Veikals Darzām worked in partnership with local suppliers to provide their customers with well known local brands, which meant that customers saw trustworthy and popular products as well as a large selection of products, which made it very convenient to shop for everything in one place.


Then, Veikals Darzām was ready to use both Facebook Ads and Google Ads to reach prospective customers in Latvia.


Over time a loyal customer base was built, which helped to increase year-over-year conversion rate by 330% and improve the return-on-ad-spend by 134%.


We found the right partner at the right time. MakesYouLocal helps us not only abroad, but also locally - we chose to work with them in our home market due to their expertise in e-commerce.


Ramūnas Ažukas

CEO, Veikals Dārzam

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Shop management

MakesYouLocal helps Veikals Darzām with daily shop management and customer service in Latvia. 

As Veikals Darzām do not have any physical presence in Latvia, they are not able to provide local customer service to their clients. The solution is to use MakesYouLocal customer service specialists. MakesYouLocal has answered  more than 6700 customer questions on all the different channels such as email, phone, social media and live chat. This has allowed Veikals Darzām to focus their resources on their main business, as well as easily scale with growing demand. 


MakesYouLocal has also helped localise more than 15 000 products to Latvian language. This in turn has helped to improve conversion rate, increase customer loyalty and help with overall SEO strategy. 

The team at MakesYouLocal combines e-commerce knowledge with customer feedback to ensure Veikals Darzām processes improve over time.

Feedback from our shop managers helps improve the overall shopping experience and gives valuable insights to our marketing team. It is a unique advantage that MakesYouLocal can offer.

Donatas Gudelis

Man. director Baltics & Poland, MakesYouLocal

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