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Creating customer satisfaction through localisation

Zizzi is a Danish fashion brand aimed at plus-size customers. As part of their ambitious expansion strategy, the company wanted to roll out their webshop in five markets over a period of two years. To help secure both profitable growth and continue to deliver a great customer experience in new countries, Zizzi teamed up with MakesYouLocal on the project.

To help execute Zizzi’s expansion plan, MakesYouLocal was responsible localising and translating the webshops, which included both the initial translation as well as the ongoing work of translating product texts, newsletter copy and other marketing content. Apart from the translation work, MakesYouLocal managed Zizzi’s customer service in 9 different countries with local customer service agents handling emails and phone calls from customers.




MakesYouLocal helps ensure that Zizzi customers in 9 different countries are able to connect with the brand in their own language through a localised and trustworthy webshop.

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Customer service

By optimising the customer enquiries about orders, we managed to reduce the average need for contacting support by 30% across 9 markets.



MakesYouLocal facilitates the dialogue on Zizzi’s localised social media channels and hereby increases the impact of campaigns and pick up valuable customer insights.


“MakesYouLocal takes care of customer service and daily translations, letting me and my team focus on analysing results, growing the business, and improving the customer experience. We found that this is the best way we meet our overall growth goals while giving a memorable experience to the individual customer.”

Erik Stengaard-Pedersen Head of E-commerce & Omnichannel, Zizzi

Customer service

Offering great customer service in new markets creates a positive vibe around the brand, but it’s difficult to do this without a native speaking customer service team. At MakesYouLocal we offer a team of skilled agents in each language and strong procedures and documentation, which ensure that customers in each language get the support they need from a helpful and trustworthy agent.
Our native shop managers follow the webshop closely day-to-day to make sure content stays localised and share customer feedback to provide them with the needed insight for continuously improving the conversion rate and the shopping experience.

Localised newsletters

A key marketing channel for Zizzi is their newsletter, which allows the brand to reach thousands of customers in 9 different countries in their local language at a very low cost.

We deliver the localisation and translation within one workday. Not only do we translate and proof-read the needed texts, we take each market into consideration and consider whether or not the content is relevant for each market. We know that timing is important and that deadlines are often tight, so we make sure that content is delivered on time without compromising the quality.


Visit the Zizzi webshop to learn more

Ready to start selling in the new markets?

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